Meet the Musician

The Epic String Quartet/Trio

Meet the Musician
Attention Children Educators!

The Meet the Musician program is designed to introduce children from Junior Kindergarten to Grade Five to the sounds of the cello in an entertaining and enlightening way.

This concert provides children an opportunity to meet a real live performing musician and composer, and to hear one of the richest orchestral instruments play familiar songs, some country and some jazz classics along with classical selections.

The students are shown what the cello is made of and how it works.Basic musical concepts are introduced using a blend of stories, humour and games. Participation is encouraged through questions, quizzes and opportunities to be a conductor or storyteller.

"With humor and enthusiasm, Carole was able to maintain their attention throughout her entire presentation. The children were spellbound....Carole provides children of all ages with a wonderful musical experience." Diane Grieve, Vice Principal Willow Glen Public School

"In my estimation, Carole is one of the best musicians we have had visit our school over the nine years I have been at Willow Way Public School as music teacher.Carole has terrific teaching abilities and demonstrated instant control of the classes which continued throughout the presentation." Carolyn McGregor, Music Teacher Willow Way Public School

"Carole's story about Red Riding Hood set to music was a delight. The children even at the Grade 3/4 level were enthralled. Carol had a jam?packed 40 minute programme where the children had fun while learning about music. We appreciated her talents and highly recommend her to other schools." J. Penton, Mississaugua

"On behalf of the Kindergarten children, I want to thank your for sharing your musical expertise with the help of your cello. Some of the visiting musicians have difficulty adapting to the spontaneity of the children. You used this to your advantage and involved them beautifully...they skipped all the way home!" Jan Scott, Huntonville Public School

"I would like to thank you for the wonderful and inspiring performances that you gave to my primary children at Mineola School a few weeks ago. The children were enthralled with your story telling and the way that you made the stories come alive trough the sound of your cello." Virginia McKinnon, Mineola Public School

For more information, please contact Kye (Carole) Marshall at:
phone (416) 967-7118 e-mail:

Epic String Quartet /Trio

From Bach to Bartok, from ragtime to hoe-down, this versatile trio or quartet performs a wide variety of musical styles. They even manage to sneak in a bit of jazz! With seventeen years of experience as school performers, the Epic Strings have fine-tuned this lively presentation. Students appreciate the humor in their presentation, are fascinated by the different sounds the string instruments make, and enjoy the quizzes designed to teach about musical forms.

Suitable for Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12

The following are samples of the Epic Sting Quartet in MP3 format, including Interact which was written by our resident composer Kye Marshall.

Preview Versions

Pink Panther


Comments on the Epic String Quartet

"The Epic String Quartet gives a superb performance - good music, humour and interesting information are combined into a presentation not to be missed. Neil Perkins, Music Administrator

"Thank you for playing your instruments for us. I really enjoyed your conversation on the instruments.I think you're great musicians. Audrey Duranksy, Junior Student.

''A fabulous musical experience is given by the Epic String Quartet, a decidedly musical ensemble. Their material and presentation are both excellent as is their rapport with the students. I recommend them wholeheartedly." Zena Miller, Music Teacher.

"Excellent... I really enjoyed your playing for us" Marla Fuller, Senior Student

"I really liked the music that you presented to us. That was the best music I've heard in years. The song I liked the best was the old-fashioned one and I liked the way you communicated with the students."
Brian Mycroft, Junior Student.

"I've had the pleasure of having the Epic String Quartet perform at our school. The students were very enthusiastic and they showed their interest through their class performance. I heartily recommend this group for their professionalism and I'm sure that students will benefit greatly from the expertise of these fine musicians." Ted Gugula, Music Teacher.

"That was a really good performance. It was enjoyable and I really learned a lot." Heather Grossnan, Senior Student.

''At first when my teacher said that some musicians were going to be here I thought of magic. Once I got to the gym I was very surprised. Your playing was like magic anyway so I listened to some music and watched some magic at the same time.'' Lisa Dockray, Junior Student.