"L'écriture de Kye est vive et dynamique...je suis toujours impressionné par des canevas rythmiques dont la constuction intellectuelle et émotive est mise en valeur par une orchestration modern. Une réussite en Jazz...compositions, exécution et réalisation exceptionnelles du Kye Marshall Quartet." Jean Claude Lavigne, MultiMedia

Kye Marshall's compositions are influenced by her work as a jazz musician, a free improviser, a music psychotherapist and a classical performer.

They incorporate the melodic angularity, harmonic colour and rhythmic vitality of the jazz idiom, and, inspired by free improvisation, a strong sense of colour, emotional intensity, and form based on process rather than structure. In her jazz compositions, her classical background is evidenced in her use of the tone row, varied formal structures and unusual instrumentation.

The following is a list of Kye's diverse compositions.


Concerto for Bass Trombone and String Orchestra (1982)
Premiered at the Glenn Gould Studios

Variations on a Canadian Theme (1986)
For junior orchestra. Premiered in Austria

Chamber Works

Reflections. Four Movements for Brass Quintet (2000)
Commissioned by the Trillium Brass Quintet

Interact. Four Movements for String Quartet. (1999)
Premiered at St. Edwards School.

Canonac. Three Movements for Piano, Violin and Cello. (1999)
Premiered at the Sheraton Hotel Auditorium, Toronto.

Themantics.(1996) A full length composition for clarinet, piano and violin trio. Premiered at the North York Centre For The Performing Arts

Moon Saga. A 45 minute in three sections. (1990)
Premiered at St. Andrews United Church

Six Movements for Marimba with Violin, Cello, Flute & Oboe (1988) Recorded with Capac grant

Fantasy for Solo Cello (1981)
Premiered at the Music Gallery

Duo for Flute and Piano (1981)
Premiered at the University Women’s Club

Elegy for Cello & Piano (1979)
Premiered at the Heliconian Club

String Quartet #1 (1979)
Premiered at the Pauline McGibbon Centre and CBC Radio.


Two Pieces for Piano: Song & Dance (1979)
Premiered at the Heliconian Club


WildNights Six Poems by Emily Dickinson. (1999)
Premiered at UxbridgeTown Hall

We Make the Air: -Elegy for Linda Chartrand(1997)
For contralto and string quartet. Premiered at BloorSt. United Church

Song for Soprano (with Piano) (1980)
Premiered at OISE. At the University of Toronto

Music Theatre and Multi‑media

Astral Shells (1998) Parahumans Dance Theatre
Performed at Ohio StateUniversity

Voice in the Dark (1997)
Synthesizer dance score. For the Dream Dancers
Performed at Damn Straight Dance Studio

Curling Maman's Hair (1995)
For narrator and instrumental accompaniment.
Performed at the Clinton Tavern

The Necklace Legacy (1995) Maxine Heppner Dancers.
Dance score. Performed at Peterborough Town Hall

Little Miss Easter Seals (1993)
Theatre score for synthesizer. Commissioned by Company of Sirens.Tarragon theatre

Little Miss Easter Seals (1990)
For cello solo. Commissioned by CBC Radio

Morningside Drama

Film Scores

The bliss in all of this. (1999) Premiered in Toronto

Keeper. (1998) Premiered at the Uptown Theatre, Toronto.

Windy (1995) Film score for synthesizer Premiered in Toronto

Tales of Tomorrow: Our Elders (1982)For piano and oboe.
Written for a CBC documentary film


Radar reef (2000)
WWW.Com (2000)
Nights on the Rideau (1999)
Merger Madness (1997)
Way Back When (1996)
Alimbo (1994)
Mad Mary (1994)
Memories of Boston (1994)
Evensong (1995)
Letz Getz Goin' (1993)
Lullabye of Darkness (1993)
Bach to Bop (1992)
T. L. C. (1992)
Woman's Common Blues (1992)
Winter's End (1991)
All of Us (1990)
A Blues in 'A' (1990)

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