"Kye Marshall is an exceptional, daring & talented jazz performer - one of the most underrated musicians around. She plays with excitement and straight from her heart."
  - Al Peabody, Jazz Critic

To check out or purchase Marshall's jazz CD's, Standard Time, Say When, Winter's End.

Kye Marshall

Kye is a professional cellist, composer of classical and jazz music and both a jazz and free improviser. She has produced five CDs: Standard Time, a compilation of jazz standards; Winter’s End and Say When, original jazz compositions with Don Thompson and In the Moment and Chiaroscuro, spontaneous compositions with Thomas Baker.

Kye’s compositions have been heard on television and radio, in films, dance performances and theatre and in various Toronto venues such as Glenn Gould Studios, Harbourfront, NY Centre for the Performing Arts, and the Music Gallery as well as in Austria and the United States.

An eclectic performer, Kye has played jazz, classical and free music in numerous venues from Roy Thompson Hall to the Rex Tavern with various ensembles including her jazz quartet, the Epic String Quartet, the National Ballet Orchestra, and the Baker\Marshall Duo.

Kye also uses her improvisational skills as a music psychotherapist.

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Jazz Cellist
Classical Cellist
Avant-Garde Improviser
Solo cello
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Music Psycotherapist
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The Jazz Cellist

Jazz Cello is a striking concept, and a natural evolution of Kye's passion for embracing the new and pushing the musical envelope. The expressive range and lyricism of the cello make this instrument a natural choice for many forms of jazz, and Kye Marshall has become the leading Canadian exponent of this very unique concept.

Look for Kye's newest jazz release entitled Standard Time featuring Don Thompson on bass and piano with Daniel Ionescu guitar and Mark Duggan on percussion. After successfully releasing two CDs of her own original music, Winter's End and Say When, Marshall decided to bring the rich and lyrical beauty of the cello to familiar standards such as Summertime and I Remember You.

Kye has done many jazz performances including; Toronto Du Maurier Jazz Festival, Mayworks Festival, Montreal Bistro, Pilot Tavern, Mezzeta's, Quigley's, Le Select, Gate 403, Bamboo Club, Woman's Common, Free Times Cafe, Oasis, Oscars, Rex Tavern, Tallulah's Cabaret, Cameron, Capriccio's, Metro Toronto Library, Second Cup on Bloor, at Universities of Toronto, Waterloo and Guelph, Toronto Free Theatre, Convention Centre, L'Hotel, Queen Street Mental Health Centre. More

The Classical Cellist

Kye is former principal cellist with the the New Chamber Orchestra and O'Keefe Centre Orchestra and was assistant principal with the National Ballet Orchestra. She also performed with the Hamilton Philharmonic, the Stratford Festival Orchestra and in many theatres and recording studios around Toronto. She currently plays with the Epic String Quartet. More

The Composer

Winner of the Ron Collier Award for her String Quartet No. 1, which was broadcast on CBC. Kye's composing abilities continue to receive wide attention. Kye's Concerto for Bass Trombone premiered at the Glenn Gould Studio, and Themantics, a trio for clarinet, piano and violin premiered at the North York Performing Arts Centre. She has also been commissioned to compose for orchestra, string quartet, documentary, film, dance and theatre. View here for more about her composition credits. More

The Improviser

Kye performs 'spontaneous compositions' with Tom Baker (piano), creating 'in the moment' music through improvisation. This avant-garde duo released their first CD In the Moment at the Music Gallery in 1998. Kye has freelanced with other groups at a variety of festivals, clubs and theatre venues. More

Solo cello in Performance

Eclectic - Electric - Eccentric

Kye describes the music she performs on solo cello as Eclectic- Electric - Eccentric as she draws on music of many different styes and cultures as well as her own experience as a woman in our society. She is able to achieve many different textures and layers by using some electronic gadgets like the 'boomerang' which help her loop tracks and create many different voices simultaneously. The aspect of improvising over pre-figured structures allows for a spontaneity, excitement and passion that is difficult to achieve with written-out music.

A Room of One's Own - Solo Cello Concert Description

Grants, Scholarship & Awards

Canada Council for the Arts - Multiple Grants
Ontario Arts Council - Multiple Grants
Toronto Arts Council
Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent on Records - Recording Grant
Toronto Symphony Education Programs - Composition Grant
Banff School of Fine Arts - Scholarship Grant for Jazz Program
CAPAC - Recording Grant

The Music Psychotherapist

As a music psychotherapist , Kye works with individuals, couples and groups, using music as a unique tool to help clients access and express their non-verbal experience. Clients improvise with Kye on a wide variety of easy-to-play instruments to create soundscapes which are used for exploration. No musical background or training is necessary as the music created is based on accessible elements of music such as rhythm, colour and melody rather than traditional harmony. More

Professional Affiliations

The Canadian Music Centre Associate Composer
Association of Canadian Women Composer's
American Federations of Musicians
Ontario Society for Psychotherapists