Cellist Kye Marshall obviously has no hesitation in blurring the musical boundaries having "…performed with various orchestras and chamber groups" as well as "…with her own jazz duo and quartet, with her string quartet and with many avant-garde improvisation groups". Her own spontaneous compositions have already been featured on 3 previous CD's and this 2002 release with Don Thompson - piano, Kevin Barrett - guitar, Jim Vivian - bass and Terry Clarke - drums highlights 9 of her original compositions, many of which focus on our need to protect the "fragile ecosystem" so needlessly in danger of neglect. "Radar Reef". "Rush Hour", "Say When", "Memories of Toronto". With excellent support from the rhythm section, Marshall and pianist Thompson are the perfect musical complement to one another, especially with the vacillating swings between major and minor keys on "Libra", the mournful "Elegy", and a nod to the classics on "Bach to Bop". J.S.